TESSA VICTORIA ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ July 2014

Bitter end Pic TESSA“Having the chance to perform on the same stage where legendary artists such as Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, and Norah Jones once played and shared their stories was such an incredible honor. The Singer –songwriter session is such an amazing opportunity, giving new up-and-coming and hopeful songwriters a chance to share their music. The love and attention the audience at the Singer –Songwriter sessions give you makes you feel right at home. The atmostphere at The Bitter End was so warm and welcoming and I felt nothing but love, support, and encouragement. I’m so looking forward to coming back!”

Tessa Victoria is a passionate singer- songwriter takes listeners on a journey through her heartfelt lyrics and mesmerizes her audience with her pure and innocent tone and smooth delivery. Her lyrics reflect her fearless honesty, small town roots, and radiate wisdom beyond her years. Tessa’s connection with her audience is powerful, ranging from the tear filled eyes of the woman in the front row as she hears her life poured out in a song to the rows of people exploding out of their seats at the sound of bluesy guitar riffs, powerhouse vocals, and her commanding stage presence.

Tessa comes from a small town in upstate New York where she grew up with a love of horses and competition riding. She fell in love with music at an early age, singing in front of friends and family since the age of 3, taking voice lessons at the age of 12, piano lessons in junior high, and picking up the guitar in high school. She attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA and presently resides in NYC. She has also won various music competitions such as EPAC Idol and The Texaco Country Showdown NY State competition. She has attained her experience through performing an average of 2-4 times per week at local bars, restaurants, fairs, weddings, rallies and other charity event over the past five years. She has performed at a solo artist, acoustic country duo, and as the lead singer of the bands Honeystruck and Unspoken.

Tessa is a sincere and dynamic performer who is driven to reach out and touch people’s lives and to change the world one person, one heart at a time through her music. Watch out for this up and coming performer, both she and her music are a force to be reckoned with!