MINOR SOUL ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ June 2016

Minor Soul

“Playing the Singer Songwriter Sessions on Sunday nights at The Bitter End has been and continues to be home to our most memorable performance experiences. Thank you!”


Minor Soul is an acoustic-pop band created by two young brothers, Jack and Max Wagner, aged 20 and 18. Born in London of English and American parents, they grew up in a high-rise overlooking Hong Kong’s storied waterfront, raiding their father’s collection of Rock classics – everything from the Velvet Underground and Bowie to Jeff Buckley. Add an insatiable hunger for the latest sounds coming out of Europe and the US and you have a singer-songwriter duo who, despite their youth, have been experimenting, performing and writing together for years, and who display a deep sense of song crafting tradition – influenced by the likes of Dylan, the Beatles and Green Day.

In Summer 2011, Minor Soul recorded an album at Henson Studios in Los Angeles produced by Dave Stewart, formerly of 1980s rock group the Eurythmics. The music videos for “Beneath My Skin” and “Alice”, among the many stand-out tracks on this debut recording, are growing in YouTube views.

They recently worked with ASCAP-winning songwriter Toby Gad in Los Angeles, co-writing and recording two songs. While in Los Angeles, the brothers also worked with songwriters Rune Westberg and Steve Diamond, co-writing and recording another song. Jack and Max Wagner are currently based in New York City, performing live and spreading the word about Minor Soul.

Jack, who in his summers has studied at Berklee and Guildhall Schools of Music, plays guitar, drums, keys and sings with a plaintive, folky baritone. Max, who has traveled Asia as a child actor in stage productions and studied voice at Guildhall in London, is largely self-taught on guitar, bass and piano. He sings with a lilting, soul-baring tenor. Together they blend in a way some have described as the new Simon & Garfunkel.

The two write and sing their own songs and harmonies and shun the manufactured music route. Every lyric and melody reflects their inner city roots – inspired by rockers and folkies of pop culture’s past, neo-Punk rockers, US radio charts and the BBC… all swirling around into one sonic melting pot called Minor Soul.