MILA DE ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ August 2019

“Mila De is a 20 years old singer and songwriter born and raised in Novorossiysk, Russia. She moved to the States when she was 19 because of her dreams and goals of being heard and known by the music she makes.
She sings about all the things that people love to hear about: personal experience of love, heartbreak, forgiveness, letting go. And her captivating voice won’t ever let you forget what you’ve heard.
Mila De’s debut EP “Forget Me Not” has been released on February 8, 2019.”

Being a part of The Singer Songwriter Sessions at The Bitter End was one of the best experiences of mine so far! The atmosphere was magical. People were welcoming and they enjoyed every single artist that were on stage that night.
I felt so much of support and love!
Thank you The Bitter End for letting me share my music with you! Unforgettable night, hope to play there again soon.

With all my heart

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