MIKE DRABIK ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ January 2014

Mike Drabik pic

“What a privilege to be able to play on the same stage that a lot of my idols have played on. The singer-songwriter sessions was a blast. Everyone is welcoming to the artists and are genuinely there to listen.”


Mike Drabik is a singer-songwriter from Chicago whose sound intersects Blues, R&B, Soul and Jazz. He draws inspiration from legendary musicians like Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, John Mayer and Wes Montgomery.


In 2008, Drabik made the decision that he would dedicate the rest of his life to creating music, or as he puts it, “the pursuit of being able to forumlate through the instrument exactly what I feel.”


Drabik describes his music as “a constant evolution” and works relentlessly to hone his unique sound by studying and emulating all the genres he adores. Meticulous in his practice and awe inspiring in his execution, Mike Drabik is a young musician you won’t want to overlook.


Links: http://drabikmichael.wix.com/michaeldrabik#!biography/c1enr