MICHIAL MILLER ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ February 2018

“Michial Miller is a twenty-seven year old Mississippian, living in Brooklyn, NY. He grew up singing songs, writing stories, and playing music for friends and family, eventually moving to Nashville to attend Belmont University. In January 2016, he moved to New York, where he currently lives and works. He has a passion for music and telling stories, and he write songs, stories, poems, and essays about his experiences and the experiences of others. In doing so, he hopes to bring people together by expressing a universal humanity through music.”

“There are a few places in the city that are truly magic for artists and entertainers. The Bitter End is one of my favorite venues, strictly speaking, because of the history and talent that has graced it’s stage over the years. In practical terms, the sound quality is amazing, and there is always a crowd expectant of great music and a diversity of voices. When I’m onstage, I feel that transcendence, as if everything before has brought me here and everything after will be that much better because of it.”