JORDAN SIWEK ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ May 2019

Fresh off the release of his critically acclaimed debut album, Sun Inside You, Jordan Siwek’s songwriting focuses on turning darkness into light and bringing positive messages of unity and hope to an increasingly divided world.
Jordan recently won the 2018 LA Music Critic Award for Best Pop Artist. His album, Sun Inside You was ranked #6 in the LA Music Critic’s Forty Best Albums of 2018. His song “Never Give Up” won Honorable Mention for the 2019 Empower Posi Awards (which specializes in songs that contain positive messages). The Official Music Video for “Lover and a Giver” won the honor of Best Music Video at the 2019 Transparent Film Festival.
Essentially Pop wrote that Jordan’s songs, “inject optimism into its listeners with melodies that surge with enthusiasm and radiance.”
Jordan’s musical roots stem from his experience on Broadway as a child actor as well as his love for blues, jazz, and soul, which he infuses into his piano-based tunes. The L.A. Music Critic, Bob Leggett wrote that Jordan’s music, “truly belongs on the radio, and his songs would also make great placements for commercials as well as television and film” and “we may be witnessing the birth of the next Elton John, as Siwek’s music has that same feeling, especially Elton’s early material.”