LISA KURNER ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ July 2016

Lisa Kurner

“There’s something magical about performing at The Bitter End. Singing on that stage allows me to connect with myself, my music, and with the audience at a soul level. It’s an honor sharing my voice at such a hallowed venue.”

Born in the land of the rising sun, Lisa Kurner was raised in Osaka, Japan by a German father and a Japanese mother. Growing up as a child, she enjoyed the comfort of many strong friendships and a rapidly growing passion for music. Her musical interests culminated with her discovery of the many Japanese and English musicians that continue to influence her until this very day. Singers such as Tamaki Koji, Utada Hiraku, and internationally acclaimed bands such as The Beatles fascinated her. Their soulful sounds and piercing lyrics encouraged her to always maintain an optimistic outlook on life, especially when her mother passed away when she was a teenager. From this moment in her life she fell in love with music, and admired the ability it has to bring consolation into the lives of people suffering from great loss. This epiphany would eventually inspire her to pursue her dream to become a performing artist.

As a singer-songwriter based in New York City, Lisa Kurner performs regularly at locations such as The Bitter End, The Tokyo Tapas Cafe, and Bowery Electric. She finds pure joy in sharing her music with others, as she strives to achieve her goal to inspire humanity to embrace peace and happiness.