King Roach ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ January 2017

“The Singer Songwriter Sessions are not your typical gig. While more is required of the artist, with ticket pre-sells and original music only being a staple in their brand, more is given to the artist at the event. Nothing is more satisfying to an artist than having an audience who is there to LISTEN and enjoy. Having headlined some pretty amazing stages in my career, I can say that The Bitter End, particularly during the Sessions, provides an unmatched experienced for the performer. Larry knows what he’s doing, and that’s why the Sessions continues to thrive year after year.”

Brooklyn native, King Roach, has been actively producing and performing music for the last 2 decades. His official debut release, “Free The Goat”, is a 5 track EP showcasing the different phases of King Roach’s life, both creatively and emotionally. “Alcohol”, the debut music video off of the “Free The Goat” EP, focusing on his battle with alcoholism, has gained the attention of community and online television platforms and has been accredited locally on FM radio. As a solo artist, he delivers a solid message with liquid melodies and vocal tones that both sooth and excite simultaneously. Under Purfek Storm Group management, he has expanded his range and unlocked a world of opportunities as an artist, an entertainer and an entrepreneur. One half of the EDM duo, Kal and King, King Roach spends his days producing in the studio, shooting videos on location and performing on the scene.