DSC03109[1]“This is a big deal stage! I feel honored to enter into the world of music that’s been on this stage. Thank you to the Singer Songwriter Sessions and The Bitter End for being a platform for new artists to spread their wings.”

Brooklyn based Keekwyn & The Hackers are a sultry mix of R&B and Pop, with some Funk-Soul thrown in for good measure. Keekwyn & The Hackers are in the studio writing originals, redefining classics, and gigging all over NYC.

Singer songwriter Keekwyn grew up in New York. As an only child she spent hours writing her own songs and singing her own music. Keekwyn spent her childhood performing in musicals. After she graduated NYU, she kept right on going.

In 2011 she started her journey as a recording artist with the band sycicWALRUS. She fell in love with recording, and was reunited with the joy of writing her own songs. Shortly thereafter she developed her first solo EP. She even wrote a song or two for the movies, and TV. In 2012 Keekwyn teamed up with The Hackers–a rebel geek twosome whose love of making music rivaled her own–and they began their musical journey together.

Jason Nunes – aka Hack One- is a Brooklyn based musician, writer, actor, and all purpose geek. When he’s not on stage with Keekwyn and Hack 2, he can be found haunting Brooklyn’s many coffee shops writing screenplays, developing film projects, and designing interfaces, and apps. He loves bourbon almost as much as he loves minor 9ths, and spends most of his free time in dark, smoky rooms quaffing one, and listening to the other.