JULIA AND JACK ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ July 2013

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“We love the Singer Songwriter Sessions at the Bitter End! It’s a fantastic opportunity to get on a great stage and showcase our original songs–old and new–for our family, friends, and new fans! Everyone at the Bitter End is so friendly and accommodating…it’s always a great time!”


Julia Pernicone and Jackson Hoffman met in their high school music theory class in 2009, and became the best of friends. They began writing and performing together in January of 2010, and have since released a full-length original album, “Never Tell,” and have performed throughout Westchester County, New York City, and Nashville, TN.

Both Julia and Jack studied at Lagond Music School in Elmsford, NY, and have continued to study music at a higher level, with Jack at Berklee College of Music in Boston, and Julia in the Music Business program at New York University. Even while in different cities, the duo is still working, managing other artists, performing, and writing for themselves and with other artists.

Their music is very pop-oriented, with catchy hooks and memorable lyrics, but with a rock edge thrown in. Julia’s pop background and Jack’s rock background have been combined to form a unique sound in pop rock music. Recently, Julia and Jack have found a love for jazz, as well as funk/soul music, which is evident in their new material. Look forward to a summer filled with new music, fun shows, and much more from Julia & Jack!


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“Never Tell” on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/never-tell/id472742435?uo=4


“Kiss Me One More Time” https://soundcloud.com/juliajackmusic/kiss-me-one-more-time


“Buses & Cars” https://soundcloud.com/juliajackmusic/buses-cars


“When I Was Little”https://soundcloud.com/juliajackmusic/when-i-was-little


“If You Dare” https://soundcloud.com/juliajackmusic/if-you-dare


“One and Only” https://soundcloud.com/juliajackmusic/one-and-only-feat-kevin-myers





“Sweeter” by Gavin DeGraw – A Cappella Cover:t


“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” Cover feat. Andrew Smith:

“Green Machine” – Original for OneReasonRecordings’ “ORRiginal Saturdays”: