Joshua Payne ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ December 2016


“The power and beauty of this instrument, this voice we call Joshua Payne, is a phenomenon and experience the world needs.”
-Stephan Moccio

“Have you ever heard a lion roar? He’s the best.”
-the late Charles Rieker – Metropolitan Opera

“Its impossible to describe the talent here: production, arranging, writing; he’s just this down to earth dude from on top of a mountain in Arkansas. But nothing, could prepare me for that voice!”
His vocals on half the record were done in one take and without correction.”
-Michael Omartian

“Joshua Payne has the perfect voice. He knows exactly what he’s doing; totally in control of his technique, you the listener can forget about everything as you let yourself fall into his romantic yet earthy musical world. Bravo maestro bravo! ”
-Bruce Gaitsch

“Joshua Payne is that unique talent one encounters only rarely. He is naturally blessed with a rich dark beautiful voice that is at times both powerful and fragile. But it’s because Josh connects to a lyric with intelligence and a kind of wisdom beyond his years, that makes him a great singer. He has a tender lyric style because that’s who Josh is: no artifice; just a man with questions who is not afraid to put himself out there or to break your heart with a song while you feel that guilty pleasure you always get when you discover a real artist.”
-Marc Jordan

“His performance in the title role of Sweeney Todd is still my favorite performance of all time both regionally and on Broadway.”
-Jenny Odle Madden – Actress – Voices of the South

“That song ‘My World’ … Man! I wish I’d thought of that! What a writer! And man what a voice!”
-the late Jim Ed Brown – Grand Ole Opry

“One of the greatest voices of our time.”

-Decca Records

“Joshua Payne is one of the most abundantly gifted of a new breed of singer and songwriter, blessed with a big, classically-trained voice and a soul to match. We’ve introduced to the world, not only an widely accomplished singer with a experience in virtually every musical genre
but also a lyricist, an epic poet, a composer, arranger and producer of uncommon sensitivity and power, whose a work is clearly informed by the depth of his life and death experiences.”

-Verve Music Group

Joshua would like to thank Larry and the Bitter End for creating such an amazing platform.

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