JOSHU ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ July 2018

Raised in Antigua, West Indies on a potent mixture of Bob Dylan, calypso, and the ocean, Joshu is bringing a new island sound to the world. With notes of Jack Johnson and Jose Gonzalez, his songs resonate with the laid back lyric lover in all of us. His Caribbean childhood was steeped in the eclectic musical tastes of his father and mother, from Mozart to Belafonte, which has inspired a beautiful combination of groove and folk.

Three singles deep this year (find them at and with a growing fan base, Joshu is hard at work on a debut EP, set to be a small taste of his songwriting ability. Between recording and production he has been travelling the US and Europe, performing and busking in his signature open and impromptu style.

Having honed his stage presence with three years leading Sound Citizens (touring across the Caribbean & UK and personally producing 3 albums), it’s no wonder Joshu has the ability to create a unique brand of connection at live performances.

He is a lover of travel and a new school troubadour, with the goal of becoming a better, wiser, more creative and connected human being through music and learning. At 23 and already prolific, Joshu is a songwriter and performer to be watched closely over the next few years as his solo efforts begin to bear fruit.

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