JONNY KT ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ May 2014

JonnyKTpic2“Having the honor of stepping on that stage at The Bitter End was one of the most incredible moments of my life and career. The ambiance makes you want to bear your soul out. The singer songwriter sessions provides an amazing opportunity, filled with a beautiful stage presence and an audience that is really there to listen. The acts that performed there, after I, were also some of the most inspirational and talented people I’ve ever met, I will DEFINITELY be going back. Families welcome and it caters to the artists and audience members alike. Thank you so much Bitter End. 10/10.”

20 Year old Performing Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter/Multi instrumentalist grew up in the streets of New York City. Manhattan to be exact. “There wasn’t a lot of music around until I was 15 and picked up a guitar and I ain’t been right since. My life started, and all the pain I suffered through my childhood, my teen years and the entirety of my life is where my music comes from, where the lyrics come from. I remain consistent to my music, and believe that people deserve to have the same soul moving therapy that it provides for me. I am a lover of the people, and an artist of the soul. No matter where you come from, or what your situation is, you can always strive and make your dreams come true.”