GAVIN McNICHOLL ~ ~ ~ January 2018

Playing at The Bitter End with the Singer Songwriter sessions was my first step into the NYC music scene. It was a moving experience for me to share the same perspective that many profound and influential people in my life have seen. What’s fantastic about the singer songwriter sessions is that you get to meet all new artists that just want their music heard, maybe for the first time ever. There is an exciting energy in The Bitter End on Sunday nights because of it and the support is overwhelming and incredibly gratifying. Thanks to Larry for letting me have this opportunity!

Gavin McNicholl is a musician based in NYC, but originally from Hamden, CT. He has lived his whole life surrounded by eccentric Irish musicians/artists. His mom, Liz McNicholl, is a musician and heavily influenced the reason for him to pursue a dream that manifested behind his bedroom door. Countless hours were spent in his school days sitting on his bed playing music, acting, watching movies, just doing anything to not be bored. Gavin’s music is inspired by the folkish stylings of: Bob Dylan, Andrew Bird, Milk Carton Kids, Fionn Regan, Glen Hansard and Damien Rice. Gavin’s dad is a complete cinephile, which influenced his passion for film and theatre, causing him to study acting at the University of Connecticut and graduated in May of 2017. He has just recently released his first EP titled SOUNDS OF TIME. Look out for the red hat.