ERIC BENOIT ~ ~ ~ ~ September 2014

Eric guitar campfire_cropped

“I absolutely loved playing at a venue as iconic as the Bitter End, and I can’t wait to come back. I’d love to thank Larry for booking me, and the audience members for their wholehearted support.”

Ben Wht is the indie folk-inspired musical project of Eric Benoit, a current junior at Middlebury College. With influences ranging from the lo-fi musings of The Mountain Goats and The Microphones to the indie-rock royalty of Vampire Weekend and Arcade Fire, Eric writes indie folk tunes with a punk edge. Eschewing traditional song structures, his arrangements weave and turn, constantly surprising while remaining gripping and melodic. His lyrics mix directness and forcefulness with a poet’s finesse.

No stranger to the stage, Eric performed for three years with the award winning high school a cappella group “Highlands Voices.” With this group, he performed at Lincoln Center and placed third and fourth in the International Championship of High School A Cappella. He directed The Mamajamas, a Middlebury College a cappella group, his sophomore year and oversaw the recording of their sixth studio album. Through it all, he honed his songwriting craft by playing local gigs in his college town.

His musical project began in earnest in the summer of 2014 when he began writing and recording a lo-fi album entitled Summer Travails. A concept album detailing the life and death of a World War II veteran and his wife, Summer Travails mixes the barest bones of acoustic guitar and voice with distorted rage and sweeping sadness. He expects to release the album for free online during Autumn 2014. For more info and to hear some tracks, please check out his website at