CLOUD OUT LOUD~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ December 2019

Cloud Out Loud is a queer singer-songwriter living in Brooklyn, NY. Their music is a mix of jazz, folk, and pop, and lyrically reflects on the vast spectrum of suffering, love, family, and violence. They have spent most of their twenties falling apart and coming back together again, and in late 2018 they finally decided that if life were to feel this hard they might as well start doing what they love and putting more energy and intention towards their music. Making friends throughout this process has been the greatest gift. Over the last year they have been featured in various events and festivals, including NYC’s Pride Week LGBT Songwriter’s Night, DC’s WFSU Festival, and Poughkeepsie’s O+ Festival. They also played guitar in the band for Be Steadwell’s “A Letter To My Ex, The Musical” in DC, and currently serve as the music minister at Juhu’s Table, a small Lutheran church in East New York.
They have released two albums over the last four years and will be releasing a new album titled “No Heaven” in spring 2020.
They are happy to be here this month!