CHLOE COLLINS ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ September 2015

Chloe Collins3Chloe Collins is a young teenage singer/songwriter who has been singing and performing since she was a toddler. When Chloe was just 8 she started playing guitar and soon after got her 3/4-sized “Little Martin” – and it was love at first sight. She started writing songs that caught the ears of some industry professionals and she has since garnered radio airplay in the U.S. and around the world. One of her early pop songs “Upside Down” was chosen by the Justice clothing stores for in-store promotions and her more rocking song “I’ve Had Enough” was used in the ABC/Family TV show “The Vineyard.”
Chloe has been recording her latest EP in a studio in Nashville. She has her own YouTube channel where her live performance videos have started to catch the attention of the entertainment industry at large.