KYLE MICHO ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ March 2020

Kyle Micho is a twenty-one-year-old singer-songwriter from Syracuse, NY who draws influence from writers like John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Kurt Cobain, Paul McCartney, Elliott Smith, and even Jack Kerouac. He has performed and recorded his music in Los Angeles, Syracuse, Nashville, New York City, and London. Facebook: Instagram: Spotify: SoundCloud:

KATHLEEN ELLE ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ January 2020

“Don’t think too hard, just listen to your heart.”- A lyric in Kathleen Elle’s new single and album, “Brainwaves,” is also the rule that has guided Kathleen’s music career. Four years since the release of her multi-award winning debut EP “Helium,” Kathleen Elle launched her first full album, “Brainwaves.” This 10-track collection of stories about […]

CLOUD OUT LOUD~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ December 2019

Cloud Out Loud is a queer singer-songwriter living in Brooklyn, NY. Their music is a mix of jazz, folk, and pop, and lyrically reflects on the vast spectrum of suffering, love, family, and violence. They have spent most of their twenties falling apart and coming back together again, and in late 2018 they finally decided […]

SUZANNE EGERTSON ~ ~ ~ November 2019

Suzanne Egertson is a singer/songwriter who grew up in Andover, Massachusetts and started writing songs at the age of 16. Always a performer, she played songs live at open mics at her school and fell in love with being able to express herself through music. She decided to pursue a career in acting and studied […]

HERMONA ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ October 2019

Hermona is an Ethiopian-American songwriter and musician from Washington D.C., now based in Harlem, NYC. Inspired by the likes of Solange, The Internet, SZA, Kelsey Lu, and countless more, she began writing and recording her own work a couple years ago out of her bedroom studio, and started performing in the city just earlier this […]

DAN SANTOS ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ July 2019

“Dan Santos is a New York City based singer/songwriter, whose musical stylings are grounded by an overall acoustic guitar sound that incorporates the catchiness of pop punk, the melancholy of folk and the energy of hip hop, sometimes all at once. His songs are built on personal storytelling lyrics, versatile guitar playing and a knack […]

ALLISON LEAH ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ June 2019

Growing up just north of NYC, Allison Leah has had first-hand experience in the music industry from a young age. She started writing original music at age 5, and was eager to share it with anyone and everyone who would listen. By the time she was 8-years-old, Allison began working as a jingle singer – […]

JORDAN SIWEK ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ May 2019

Fresh off the release of his critically acclaimed debut album, Sun Inside You, Jordan Siwek’s songwriting focuses on turning darkness into light and bringing positive messages of unity and hope to an increasingly divided world. Jordan recently won the 2018 LA Music Critic Award for Best Pop Artist. His album, Sun Inside You was ranked […]