CAROLEE RAINEY ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ March 2018

“The NY Songwriter/sessions at the Bitter End has been a magical palace for musicians everywhere. The stage is a legendary throne to the most royal of artists. Its been a thrilling and humbling experience each time I’ve played here. Hats off to Larry Oakes and his incredible dedication to the songwriter.”

I have spent the last several years immersed in being a painter. A couple of years ago I put the paintbrush down because I lost the urgency to wake up and create on an empty canvas. My angst about this transformation completely disappeared one night when I went to hear Rickie Lee Jones live in concert in Fairfield, Ct. Her performance left me shaken to the core to be a songwriter. I now have my debut EP called ‘FEEL FEARLESS’ to be released on April 27th. I’m thrilled to share my songs with you and hope my stories ring a familiar chord to make you realize we all have a lot more in common than we let on half the time.