Austin Zudeck ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ June 2017

When I think of the Singer Songwriter Sessions at the Bitter End, I think of where it all started for me. When I was 14, it was the first opportunity anyone gave me to showcase my original works outside of my hometown in New Jersey. Throughout the years, Larry has been more than kind and supportive, booking my numerous different musical projects to my NYU Junior and Senior recitals. I will forever be grateful to Larry and the The Singer Songwriter Sessions for providing me a foundation to continue my pursuit of music.

PARKWILD is made up of songwriter/producer Austin Zudeck and producer/multi-instrumentalist Justin Thunstrom. Since meeting in 2011, after years of long distance collaborating, Justin made the move to New York City in 2016, and they have since decided to utilize their combined talents as artists themselves. As writer-producers, Justin and Austin have worked with a variety of recording artists. Most recently their collaboration with Island Records artist Connell Cruise, resulted in the song “Endless Possibilities,” currently sync’d in a worldwide campaign for Quaker Oats through 2017. Furthermore they have upcoming releases with Japanese artist MIYAVI (Universal) and Michael Blume (S-CurveRecords). Additional recent co-writes and productions include Spencer Ludwig (WarnerBrothersRecords) and Lauv (PrescriptionSongs). PARKWILD is utilizing all of their experience as writer-producers and channeling it into an energetic, fresh sound in the form of their debut EP, The Night You Left.