KILL THE STANDARDS ~ ~ ~ April 2019

Kill The Standards is a female fronted band that came to life in 2014, drawing from the members’ shared love for pure rock music. The songwriters of the group, Jonny and Heather, went on to write a song together within about an hour of actually meeting one another. That song got them a recording deal for a soundtrack and became the theme song for a movie that their lead singer, Heather, is the star of. The immediate necessity to write plenty of music fast made Jonny and Heather an unstoppable team, writing over ten songs in under a month. Once the music for the soundtrack was finished that didn’t stop them and they constantly have a ton of material ready to release. They also began performing as Kill The Standards: Unplugged giving fans and friends a totally different way to hear their music. Showing that an acoustic and softer sound can still rock.
Their Debut Album ‘Lurking in the Dark’ is the culmination of the creepy, haunting, theme of the film that it is the soundtrack for and the focus of the members to push the envelope. Never willing to except that rock is in any shape or form “dead.” They are always ready to attempt something new and find a new way to make something different, catchy, and melodic. From the slow melodic, dramatic, drum of ‘Dark Place’ to the power and push of ‘Coming For You,’ Kill The Standards pushes the envelope to make something that you’ve never heard before and that you just might never hear again.
Heard on the album is Heather Michelle as lead vocalist, Jonny KT as lead guitarist, Jake Dylan as drummer, and Franklin Fantauzzi as bassist. This album was recorded by the esteemed and ever amazing, professional, Mike Usifer at Beacon Soundworks in Beacon, NY. Current full band lineup is Heather Michelle on vocals, Jonny KT on guitar, Jack Macco on bass, and Evan Johnson on drums.