AMANDA FAMA ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ October 2016

“I’ve been performing at the “Singer/ Songwriter Sessions” at The Bitter End for a few years now, and every time I play it is always a successful night. There is always a great crowd, awesome friends, and an atmosphere that is unlike any other. Playing on the same stage as a countless number of musical legends is a truly amazing feeling, and The Bitter End has a certain way of showcasing the musicians and making them feel at home that is unlike any other rock club in NYC.”


My name is Amanda Fama, and I am a singer/ songwriter from New Jersey with a true passion for writing and performing my original music. From the day my dad taught me how to play the guitar when I was just twelve years old, I found that music is a true love of mine and most definitely the career that I want to pursue in life. Therefore, I began my journey as a young musician and still strive to achieve my musical dreams today. I have played many venues from New York to Nashville in small coffee houses and bars to full night showcases at legendary venues such as The Bitter End in NYC, The Stone Pony in New Jersey, and many more. I love to captivate audiences with relatable lyrics, memorable melodies, and enthusiastic performances that leave a positive impact on those who are listening. My main goal is to write songs that people will cherish and truly enjoy, because the best feeling is when I can relate to someone’s life through lyrics whether it is by helping them through rough times or helping them celebrate the wonderful ones.