ALYCIA MAYHEW ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ January 2016

Alycia Mayhew“After 10 years of playing at The Bitter End, every time feels like the first time when I take that iconic stage at The Singer Songwriter Sessions. The energy of the night and caliber of artists you’re exposed to (whether performer or observer) who come from all over the world simply inspire the artist in all of us. There’s something magical about that sacred space that makes you respect the journey of each artist – and as an artist, makes me grateful to be a part of it all.”

Alycia Mayhew is a New York City based singer-songwriter and pianist who has been performing up and down the East Coast, Central New York and throughout New York City since the age of 16. Alycia has frequented iconic NYC stages such as CB’s Gallery, Arlene’s Grocery and The Bitter End, to name a few.

After releasing her first full-length album, “In My Own Words”, in 2003, Alycia went on to study Music Industry at The College of Saint Rose. Here, Alycia had the opportunity to open for international artists such as Mieka Pauley, Rachael Sage and Breaking Laces among others. In 2007, Alycia released her EP, “Matches in Gasoline” with seasoned NYC-based producers, Mark Ambrosino and Chris Liberti.

A classically trained pianist since the age of 5, Alycia weaves the technique and nuance of a classical and Jazz piano background with her intuitive and emotional spirit. A poet and lyricist, Alycia’s vocals can at once take you off guard and make you listen closer. Her intent is to help the audience to feel, whether it be relating to the story of a song, the places a melody can take you, or the way a lyric can capture exactly where you’ve been before.

After being off the grid for some time, Alycia has spent the past two years in and out of the studio between LA-based NightBird Recording Studios and Masterdisk with the legendary Scott Hull in New York. Alycia has resurfaced to share her songs again with her much-anticipated new release, Letting Go.