KYLE MICHO ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ March 2020

Kyle Micho is a twenty-one-year-old singer-songwriter from Syracuse, NY who draws influence from writers like John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Kurt Cobain, Paul McCartney, Elliott Smith, and even Jack Kerouac. He has performed and recorded his music in Los Angeles, Syracuse, Nashville, New York City, and London. Facebook: Instagram: Spotify: SoundCloud:

KATHLEEN ELLE ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ January 2020

“Don’t think too hard, just listen to your heart.”- A lyric in Kathleen Elle’s new single and album, “Brainwaves,” is also the rule that has guided Kathleen’s music career. Four years since the release of her multi-award winning debut EP “Helium,” Kathleen Elle launched her first full album, “Brainwaves.” This 10-track collection of stories about […]

CLOUD OUT LOUD~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ December 2019

Cloud Out Loud is a queer singer-songwriter living in Brooklyn, NY. Their music is a mix of jazz, folk, and pop, and lyrically reflects on the vast spectrum of suffering, love, family, and violence. They have spent most of their twenties falling apart and coming back together again, and in late 2018 they finally decided […]