Joshua Payne ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ December 2016

“The power and beauty of this instrument, this voice we call Joshua Payne, is a phenomenon and experience the world needs.” -Stephan Moccio “Have you ever heard a lion roar? He’s the best.” -the late Charles Rieker – Metropolitan Opera “Its impossible to describe the talent here: production, arranging, writing; he’s just this down […]

ZAK TROJANO ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ August 2016

“Zak Trojano writes emotionally complex, classic feeling songs, and sings them like a man.” -Jeffrey Foucault Zak Trojano is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, a fingerstyle guitar player, a fly-fisherman, and a beer drinker. He watches more than he talks, the guy at the end of the bar nursing a drink while the afternoon light angles […]

LISA KURNER ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ July 2016

“There’s something magical about performing at The Bitter End. Singing on that stage allows me to connect with myself, my music, and with the audience at a soul level. It’s an honor sharing my voice at such a hallowed venue.” Born in the land of the rising sun, Lisa Kurner was raised in Osaka, Japan […]

MINOR SOUL ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ June 2016

“Playing the Singer Songwriter Sessions on Sunday nights at The Bitter End has been and continues to be home to our most memorable performance experiences. Thank you!”   Minor Soul is an acoustic-pop band created by two young brothers, Jack and Max Wagner, aged 20 and 18. Born in London of English and American parents, […]

SARAH KHAN ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ March 2016

“There is something magical about performing at The Bitter End. I have had the opportunity to be part of The Singer Songwriter Sessions a number of times and it is always an honor to share my music at this legendary venue. Thank you Larry Oakes for creating this musical showcase that is welcoming and where […]