Haddon Cord ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ March 2017

“Every time I play The Bitter End my heart has left so full. It is a dream for any singer/songwriter. The history there is so inspiring and the audiences are always there to really listen. It’s a New York City gem!” Haddon Cord is an American singer/songwriter who was born and raised in Boise, Idaho. […]

Andrea Gail ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ February 2017

Independent music artist Andrea Gail’s multifaceted artistry encompasses being an extraordinary vocalist, songwriter, instrumentalist (piano & flute), music educator, self-published children’s book author and visual artist. Andrea Gail is originally from St. Louis, MO. She holds a Bachelor of Music Education degree from The University of Kansas. She taught middle school vocal music in the […]

King Roach ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ January 2017

“The Singer Songwriter Sessions are not your typical gig. While more is required of the artist, with ticket pre-sells and original music only being a staple in their brand, more is given to the artist at the event. Nothing is more satisfying to an artist than having an audience who is there to LISTEN and […]

Joshua Payne ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ December 2016

“The power and beauty of this instrument, this voice we call Joshua Payne, is a phenomenon and experience the world needs.” -Stephan Moccio www.stephanmoccio.com “Have you ever heard a lion roar? He’s the best.” -the late Charles Rieker – Metropolitan Opera “Its impossible to describe the talent here: production, arranging, writing; he’s just this down […]

Valentina Blú ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ November 2016

“Playing my music at The Bitter End has been an honor. There’s just a different aura to the performance, knowing that so many great musicians have been on this stage, and I think the audience relates to this feeling. With the Singer-Songwriter Sessions, Larry Oakes has given a unique platform for up and coming artists […]

AMANDA FAMA ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ October 2016

“I’ve been performing at the “Singer/ Songwriter Sessions” at The Bitter End for a few years now, and every time I play it is always a successful night. There is always a great crowd, awesome friends, and an atmosphere that is unlike any other. Playing on the same stage as a countless number of musical […]

ZACK RUSSACK ~ ~ ~ ~ September 2016

“Performing at The Bitter End literally took my breath away. It was like a time capsule shooting me back to the 60’s, having the pressure to open up for Dylan or something. The aura of the club keeps that dated feeling alive – saying that it’s ok to stay the same, you don’t ever have […]

ZAK TROJANO ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ August 2016

“Zak Trojano writes emotionally complex, classic feeling songs, and sings them like a man.” -Jeffrey Foucault Zak Trojano is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, a fingerstyle guitar player, a fly-fisherman, and a beer drinker. He watches more than he talks, the guy at the end of the bar nursing a drink while the afternoon light angles […]

LISA KURNER ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ July 2016

“There’s something magical about performing at The Bitter End. Singing on that stage allows me to connect with myself, my music, and with the audience at a soul level. It’s an honor sharing my voice at such a hallowed venue.” Born in the land of the rising sun, Lisa Kurner was raised in Osaka, Japan […]

MINOR SOUL ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ June 2016

“Playing the Singer Songwriter Sessions on Sunday nights at The Bitter End has been and continues to be home to our most memorable performance experiences. Thank you!”   Minor Soul is an acoustic-pop band created by two young brothers, Jack and Max Wagner, aged 20 and 18. Born in London of English and American parents, […]